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Mauricio Gonzalez - Zona Cardio CEO

“The methodology and approach of CV Digital with the campaigns that have been executed with us for more than 4 years have been exceptional. They have a deep understanding in creating and developing campaigns on Google and Facebook, which is evident in the sales generated. I feel satisfied with the level of work and compliance."


The successful case of Distribuciones Zona Cardio

The renowned company that sells products for cycling, athletics and fans of the gym, Zona Cardio, fulfilled one more year of life offering the best products for lovers to these sports.

Zona Cardio searched for Digital CV to promote this special date and get people to visit their warehouse and take the best products at unique prices.

For that, a campaign was held on Facebook and Google where people who like these sports would be informed of the event that for 3 days had exceeded sales expectations.

At CV Digital we always seek to satisfy the client and successfully reach most of the public to achieve the objectives.


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