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Jaime Lozada Ruiz - Plastic Surgeon of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery

“When we began this project we had no knowledge of how to manage networks and advertising in general. With the digital agency CV Digital, we’ve succeeded in positioning and building a strong image that has brought us many patients from day one, achieving communication with each one of them directly. CV Digital has always been available for each one of the campaigns that we’ve started. We have monthly reports of our growth, which confirms the quality of the process.”


The successful case of Dr. Jaime Lozada Ruiz

Dr. Jaime Lozada Ruiz is a plastic surgeon with more than 20 years in the world of health and more than 10000 patients operated on in the country. In the year 2015, he decided to open his own plastic surgery clinic in the city of Bogotá and sought Digital CV to help him position his image in the city and to capture a greater number of patients

Several campaigns were carried out with the aim of letting possible patients leave their information online for an advisor of the doctor, who would be in charge of contacting the patient, securing a valuation visit with the aim to be operated.

This is how Dr. Jaime Lozada Ruiz, with Digital Marketing as a support system has managed to stabilize his business and increase the number of patients operated in the Colombian capital

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