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Daniel Hernandez-Director of communications Tennis Courts Antioquia League

“The service we have been provided... has been excellent. We offer several alternatives to promote our business through the most innovative methods of digital marketing. CV Digital is permanently concerned with the needs of the company. Highly Recommended”

The successful case of Tennis Courts Antioquia League (LAT)

The Antioquia League of Field Tennis had the intention of increasing the number of people who practiced this sport, so they saw in digital marketing the option to reach the public they needed.

To achieve the results we create campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google where people would enter a landing web page and find all the information pertinent to the holiday and regular courses and there they could leave their personal information to be contacted by those in charge of the facilities of this sports complex and apply to its membership.

At the end of the campaign, the great results continued, more people practiced tennis and a great upsurge in the interest of their brand certainly helped to become more recognised.


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